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    The Bombay duck or bummalo(Harpadon nehereus , Bengali: bamaloh or , Gujarati: bumla, Marathi: bombil: Bombeli, Sinhala) is, despite its name, not a duck but a lizardfish. It is native to the waters between Mumbai (formerly Bombay) and Kutch in the Arabian Sea, and a small number are also found in the Bay of Bengal. Great numbers are also caught in the South China Sea. The fish is often dried and salted before it is consumed, as its meat does not have a distinctive taste of its own. After drying, thloyttae odour of the fish is extremely powerful, and it is usually transported in air-tight containers. Fresh fish are usually fried and served as a starter.


    Inhabits coastal waters and often comes near the surface at night. Feeds on a variety of small fishes and crustaceans (chiefly on prawns and species of Setippina, Anchoviella, Harpodon, Trichiurus etc. in Hooghly estuaries in India). Caught mainly with shore seines, bagnets and coastal bottom trawls in Asian countries. Marketed fresh and iced as well as dried salted.


    Silver or white pomfrets live in coastal waters off Middle East, South Asia, and SouthEast Asia. Fish of this family are characterized by their flat body, forked tail fin and long pectoral fins. Silver Pomfret are usually silver/white in color, with few small scales. They can grow up to 4-6 kg (8�3 lb). however, due to overfishing, specimens weighing less than 1 kg (2 lb) are more commonly seen.


    Shrimp is one of the most popular fish in Bangladesh but this is not a fish. This is a species of Crustaceans. Different types of shrimp are available but normally small shrimps are used for dried fish. Shrimps are available in all types of reservoirs. Including mashed dried shrimp, it can be used with cooked vegetables. Shrimp is a very nutrient rich food.

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